The Location


The junction of San Juan and Boedo streets is a historical corner of Buenos Aires steeped in local tradition. The bar that was built on this place in 1927 became a symbol of the urban culture of the Forties, hosting many of the popular musicians who turned tango into the foremost artistic expression of Buenos Aires.


The corner of San Juan and Boedo represents the heart of the arrabal. It is a fitting place where to recreate the atmosphere of the days of cobbled streets and malevos while, at the same time, incorporating modern facilities and comfort.

Intimately linked to local tradition and culture, “The Corner” is a place dedicated not only to the people of Buenos Aires but also to all music lovers.

The Show


A musical show where the main stare is Tango.
A real show tanguero with a live musical quintet.

International class cuisine, prepared by the chef, with the 

most exquisite presentation, flavours and aromas.  

Wine Bar: An exclusive place where wine lovers can taste the best vintages and enjoy a gourmet culture.